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MARCHE REBIRTH: rediscover the region
Published on 9/10/2018 by Regione Marche - Outdoor Team
On October 11th at the TTG in Rimini will be presented the new Bike cluster, which is based on quality and territory: the MARCHE REBIRTH project.

The rings identified in Marche Rebirth draw on the territory the sign of the third paradise, the search for the balance between artifice, innovation and Nature. 

The Marche reborn after the earthquake starting from the equilibrium, remained untouched in these territories, where the attention to raw materials, places and nature always guide the laws of development.

A development characterized by many excellencies, that people and local entrepreneurs have been able to keep intact. Everything is tangible, visible, starting from the landscape, from the crops and from the agriculture, through the artisan and industrial enterprises that bring the culture and the beauty of the Marche in the world.

The realization of the symbol of the third paradise of Michelangelo Pistoletto accompanies the path of rediscovery, rebirth and regeneration, through a participatory process of public and private organizations and citizens themselves.

The methodology adopted is based on the rediscovery of the landscape as we know it today, aware of the fact that it has undergone several manmade modifications over the course of the centuries. The succession of the history will be evident, the characterizing of the rural landscapes, the promiscuity of the crops and traditions. 

In the research we have been helped by the oral sources, the archival documents, the news of the archaeological excavations, the data of the maps, the road network, the churches, the fortresses, the historical palaces, the newsstands, the crosses, the open or closed fields, the inhabited areas, the woods, the pastures, the plants of the tradition etc.  

This analysis has allowed us to superimpose on the landscape the different historical periods that have happened over the centuries, making it emerge as a great open-air museum system. 

This network will soon be populated with all the present and in-depth economic activities through the interpretation centres distributed on the territories. You, who come to visit the Marche, will be immersed in nature, culture and history, finding a pristine place, where quality is a cross concept that can be seen in food, activities and, more generally, lifestyle.  

The key to reading, stimulated by unique activities, will help the visitor to enter the history of the landscape and traditions, developing an immersive experience. In the peasant houses, and all the accommodation facilities, you will taste the old recipes and you will be able to buy the different typical productions. The sites of naturalistic interest will guide by the hand the visitor making him see glimpses of the landscape as if they were paintings in gallery.

This methodology of reading names, after years of anonymity, places that for their precise historical-cultural values were the veins of a known, alive and pulsating landscape. With the routes you can live Marche.