The other side of the larger protected area of the Marche.
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Stazione di Genga
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In addition to the Frasassi Caves, the Temple of Valadier and the Abbey of San Vittore, in the Regional Natural Park of the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi there are many other less known corners, to be experienced in total solitude, naturally suited to cycling tourism. . Roads and cart tracks without cars to climb to the top of Murano where, by turning around for 360 °, you can see the whole region. Blooms, meadows, centuries-old woods. Long descents that seem tailor-made for the bike. Finally, the hidden cave, which leaves those who enter it for the first time with bated breath. Another face that we can only discover with another way of traveling: by bike! Because? To make known the natural beauties, the historical and artistic heritage, the food and wine of the Marches through an ecological, healthy means, whose speed allows you to enjoy the route meter by meter, meet people, experience the places, give emotions.

As? By bicycle, accompanied by a qualified professional from the Marche Region who knows the area and will ensure all the necessary skills to move safely, free in time and activities, doing everything you would like to do alone but in peace, avoiding wasting time, stress, mistakes.

Who? Only you and your family, friends and adventure companions, because we customize the experiences according to your needs and expectations, based on your physical and technical preparation and the characteristics of your bike.

When? Every day of the year, every moment of the day is the right one to tour the Marche by bike. You decide when. When you are free, when you have the right energy or at the time of year you like best, call us and book your date.

Info and reservations: FABRIZIO FRANCINELLA Cycle tour guide Professional qualification Marche Region

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