Esatrail Super Hero
Where is it
Piazza Martiri di Bologna, Esanatoglia
Date not available. Past activity
The activity will take place outdoors
It is a circuit entirely traced on the mountains of the Esanatoglia district, 90 km long and with about 4,000 meters of altitude difference, full of single tracks and peaks with beautiful views. To face this unforgettable adventure you can start by mountain bike or e-bike at a time of your choice and, using the EsatrailSuperHero card, collect the stamps along the circuit; the goal is to conquer and collect the stamps that are found along the entire route in 12 different points, the so-called CHECK POINTS. 
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To participate, you must collect the Esatrail SuperHero card at the two starting points (Bar Tevi’s and Tabaccheria Bartocci in Esanatoglia - MC) and with the subscription of our sympathizer card, you can leave for this courageous journey called: EsatrailSuperHero. All those who manage to collect the twelve stamps will be nominated on the site and on our Facebook page and will be rewarded with a celebratory medal and a unique trophy.
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