Ciaspo-Trekking: between Cupi and Fiastra
Where is it
Via Roma, snc, 62035 Fiastra MC, Italia Ore 9:15 presso il Bar Fiastra
Date not available. Past activity
The activity will take place outdoors

A beautiful and intense snowshoe hike (only for those who are fit!) On the slopes between Cupi and the Fiastrone valley to fully enjoy this whitewashed landscape. The itinerary may undergo changes, depending on the weather and the amount of snow present. Note COVID-19- During the excursion we will have to keep the interpersonal distance of 2 meters and the masks ready for use (not worn during the progression but only during stops and in closed places that do not allow the distance of 1 m). Wash your hands with alcohol-based sanitizing gel after touching foreign objects - It is forbidden to share food and drinks - In compliance with the contagion containment measures, if you suffer from flu-like symptoms (widespread pain, fever, cold, cough), if you have come into contact with people affected by Covid-19 in the last 10 days or if you are subjected to the quarantine measure, you will not be able to participate in the excursion. - In case of lack of interpersonal protective devices, you will not be able to participate in the Excursion.- It is not possible to car-share except for short distances, therefore everyone must reach the starting point of the excursion with their own car. for the relatives.

Adult price: € 25 (including supply of snowshoes) -

Info and reservations - Useful details Degree of difficulty of hiking type Difference in altitude: 550 m Actual travel time: 5 hours Length: 10 km - Requirements required Do not be at the first experience in the mountains, have good physical preparation,

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