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The Marche and the Sibillini mountains, legends to explore.
Published on 3/2/2019 by Regione Marche - Outdoor Team
Surrounded by a cloud we rediscover the mystery and the imposing force of nature, transmitted by the peak of Mount Sibilla. To guide us with the imagination up to high altitude is the trail, the same that leads us to narrate the fairy Sibilla and the Guerin Meschino.
That of the "Guerin Meschino", legendary Knight errant, is the story of a child named Guerino who, still in swaddling, was kidnapped and sold to a merchant of Constantinople. Growing up, Guerino became a skilled knight. He led and won many battles but the notoriety did not make him happy. His deepest wish always remained to know his true homeland, his parents, his real name. And so it was that at twenty he began a long wandering in search of his true identity. When it seemed that all hopes were lost , a magician told him about a fairy who lived in a magical kingdom in the mountains of central Italy, the fairy Sibilla. The Meschino lost no time and, after a confused journey, climbed to the summit of Mount Sibilla. He reached a cave and here he met the fairy Sisyla who would have to unravel the mystery that tormented him so much.

Going up and down on the Sibil is not easy, especially riding a MTB.

So we just have to thank those who did. With their stories and we can retrace with imagination those trails and relive the emotions experienced.

Montefortino, 02/06/2012
After a very long winter that never seemed to end, the weather finally announces two days of stable time. The appointment is set for 7.00. Just the time to warm the legs along the 4 km that separates Rubbiano and immediately we take the long forest that rises up above the crest of the Sibilla.

We are going through one of the most evocative traits of the whole group of Sibillini. A road that man has laboriously taken away from the steep slopes of the mountain, marking the side of the Sibilla, queen of the Sibillini, the mountain that gave name to the entire mountain range.

As we take altitude the horizons widen and the views are more beautiful.

We begin to glimpse the "crown" of the Sisyla, the summit of the mountain "Regina". The dolomitic silhouettes of Palazzo Borghese and Cima Vallelunga always remain in front of our eyes and give us the sensation of peding on other latitudes.

The last bends offer breathtaking landscapes that help to withstand the fatigue accumulated in the long ascent until you reach a saddle that at an altitude of 2,129 divides the two sides. A refreshing stop allows us to recover some of the lost forces in more than 20 km of ascent.

The march resumes on the path that runs along the ridge in a north-easterly direction. Majestic are the landscapes that you can see on both horizons.

The summit of the Sibilla is just as described in the first edition of the novel of the Guerin Meschino:

"Top high, whose sharp points were lost in the clouds; (....) before (.....) A stony path, cliffs, with large and deep valleys (.....) and beyond that terrible precipices of which he noticed the bottom"

A few hundred meters before the summit, just under the "crown" of the Queen, we are facing a steep rocky saddle. We are at altitude 2,130 and from here we open a narrow passage that allows us to get down on the north side of the mountain. It’s the entrance of the path N ° 11, the path that, according to tradition, Guerin Meschino traveled to reach the fairy Sibilla. The path from the summit precipitates more than a thousand metres down to the springs of the Tenna. From here on you can no longer make mistakes.

Then the path continues in the direction of the northwest side and disappearing along the meadows descends to altitude 1,886 near the ruins of the Casale Sibilla. Finally we arrive in a small basin on the edge of a grove. A stop allows us to loosen some of the accumulated tension in the difficult descent. A look backwards allows us to admire the work just completed. We are at altitude 1,570, near Casale Lanza. In front of us the slope just dropped. We are overtopped by a large rocky spur that remains on the right. On the left, even higher up, the crown of the Sibilla from where we started.

Here peace is absolute… it's just us. Then there is the mountain, with its colors, its tranquility, its spring scents.

We remain speechless, there is no other place we would like to be!

From here the descent continues in the shade of a beautiful beech forest. Coming out of the woods the arrival at the bottom of the valley is now imminent. We went down to altitude 1,170, near the springs of the Tenna. We are now certain to have arrived at the slopes of the great ridge that from the bottom upwards we stop to admire.

It's been over two hours since we started going down. A great satisfaction accompanies this moment.

From here the trail gives way to a fast forestry. We continue quickly skirting the stream, once on the right bank, once on the left bank.

The show offered by nature is unparalleled.

Now everything has been done.... there are only a few km of easy forestry to close the ring.

At this point the camera has been placed in the backpack: the images and emotions of the 
remaining moments are left to the personal memory of each of us!

Thanks to Bikers Marzio Mastrocola, Andrea Capponi, Leonardo Sparvoli, Roberto Lupidi, Fabio Caporaletti, Carlo Rossi and the photo story of Fabrizio Castelli.