Walking along the Via Lauretana
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Piazza Inferiore di S. Francesco, 2, 06081 Assisi PG, Italia Basilica di San Francesco, ore 9:00
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The Via Lauretana is an ancient Marian pilgrimage route that has linked Rome and Assisi to the Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto since the Middle Ages. The road was heavily trodden by pilgrims in the 16th and 17th centuries, but as early as the 13th century it was frequented when it had the function of connecting Rome to the port of Ancona. Starting from the capital, the Via Romana-Lauretana was initially identified with the Via Flaminia which, starting from Rome, reached Foligno: from this point, while the Flaminia continued north to Fano, the Lauretana proper began. it headed towards the Umbrian-Marche Apennines, crossing them at the Colfiorito Pass to reach Loreto, through various stages including Muccia, Camerino, Tolentino and Recanati. This journey unfolds in 7 stages which, starting from Assisi, crosses the Apennines passing through Spello and Colfiorito and then plunges into the typical Marche landscape: the countryside. A gentle up and down in the hills of the Marche, through medieval villages and unique historical places to then arrive at the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Loreto.


DAY 1: Sunday 2 May, stage Assisi - Spello Length: 13 km. Uphill difference in height: 340 m. Altitude difference downhill: 450 m. Level: easy Meeting in Assisi around 9:00 am at the Basilica of San Francesco and start of the journey. This first stage is rather easy and short and therefore allows us to cross Assisi on foot and to briefly visit its most significant places, such as the Cathedral of San Ruffino, the Church of Santa Chiara and the historic center in general, as well as of course the Basilica. . The itinerary is pleasant and the walk along the coast of Mount Subasio, among woods and olive groves, offers beautiful views of the plain below and is rich in sources. The arrival in the splendid Spello from above will give you a beautiful view of the city.

2nd DAY: Monday 3 May, stage Spello - Colfiorito Length: 28 km. Uphill difference in height: 1150 m. Altitude difference downhill: 660 m. Level: challenging It is perhaps the most beautiful stage from a landscape point of view due to the diversity of environments that are crossed but also the most demanding: it is in fact the stage with the most altitude difference of all! From Spello, we will leave the Spoletana Valley and climb along the right side of the Valtopina, the Menotre valley and finally the steep climb of Pale: we will then cross the Apennines along the oldest route of the Via Lauretana through rural areas, woods and pastures, to finally culminating in the Colfiorito swamp, which constitutes an area of ​​exceptional naturalistic interest. The stage crosses the less populated area of ​​the Via Lauretana, so you will walk mainly on dirt roads and paths but there will be less chance of finding supplies (better to leave with lots of water and food!).

DAY 3: Tuesday 4 May, Colfiorito - Muccia stage Length: 18 km. Uphill difference in height: 300 m. Difference in height downhill: 600 m. Medium level After the fatigue of the day before, this stage will be simpler: you cross the Piana di Colfiorito passing alongside the Basilica of Plestia and then descend into the upper part of the Chienti valley. The route is almost entirely on paved roads and downhill but with the reward of a wonderful view of the Val di Chienti from the top of the Madonna di Collevento. Muccia still bears the painful signs of the 2016 earthquake, this stage therefore also takes on a strong symbolic value and closeness to the local population.

4th DAY: Wednesday 5 May, stage Muccia - Camerino - Belforte del Chienti Length: 30 km. Uphill difference in height: 860 m. Altitude difference downhill: 970 m. Level: challenging Another challenging stage in terms of length and height differences but very varied in landscape. From Muccia we go up to Camerino, the city of the Varano, and then descend to Belforte del Chienti, the final destination of this day. You cross woods, pastures, rural areas and climbs with views of two artificial basins, Lake Polverina and Lake Caccamo. In addition to Camerino with its beautiful historic center still wounded by the earthquake four years ago, we will also walk towards Caldarola, another beautiful village in the Val di Chienti. We are also in the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona area!

5th DAY: Thursday 6 May, Belforte del Chienti - Tolentino stage Length: 12 km. Uphill difference in height: 260 m. Difference in height downhill: 380 m. Level: easy The stage is very easy: short and with some very slight ascents and descents, we will have the opportunity to rest and want to visit the beautiful historic center of Tolentino and the suggestive Basilica of San Nicola. We will walk in the Belforte countryside almost always skirting the Chienti river first on its left and then on its right, with a birdwatching stop at Lake Le Grazie and then enter Tolentino through the suggestive Ponte del Diavolo.

6th DAY: Friday 7 May, Tolentino - Macerata Length: 31 km. Uphill difference in height: 510 m. Difference in height downhill: 450 m. Medium level It is the longest stage of the journey but if you want you can shorten it by a few kilometers by taking public transport (and thus avoid a long stretch of paved and busy road). From Tolentino you go up the ridge on the orographic right of the Chienti, crossing an orderly and pleasant countryside and enjoying views up to Monte Conero, on the Marche coast. In the central part of the stage we will enter the Fiastra Abbey Nature Reserve, a place where spirituality, nature and culture have found a perfect balance. Finally, we will go up to Macerata along secondary roads to reach the end of the stage to rest and enjoy the beautiful historic center of this city.

7th DAY: Saturday 8 May, Macerata - Recanati - Loreto Length: 24 km. Uphill difference in height: 600 m. Altitude difference downhill: 770 m. Medium level The last stage of the Via Lauretana features numerous ups and downs: steep descent from Macerata to Sambucheto, tiring pass of the Recanati hill and finally ascent of the Loreto hill: the flat sections are few! The asphalt dominates almost everywhere, but the landscape, the crossing of the village of Recanati (Leopardi's birthplace) and the arrival in Loreto still offer pleasant stretches of shade, as well as inviting reasons to stop in churches and historic buildings . Throughout the rest of the route, large stretches of well-cultivated countryside alternate with scattered houses and small inhabited centers. The arrival at the Sanctuary of Loreto, the final destination of the journey will be a great emotion!

DAY 8: Sunday 9 May, Loreto After we have rested, we will prepare for the return home.

Rates per person, starting from € 650

The fee includes: 7 nights in the chosen or similar structures. Bed and breakfast treatment, dinner in Muccia. Accompanying person IoViaggioConDio and his expenses. Journey credentials. Medical baggage insurance. Gadgets and various illustrative documentation.

The fee does not include: Transport to Assisi and overnight in Assisi, transport from the hotel in Loreto to the train station. Lunches and dinners except in Muccia. All meals not mentioned, drinks, tips, extras of a personal nature and anything not expressly mentioned in the item "the program includes".

Registration fee € 45.

Accommodations considered, or similar: Spello: B&B La Terrazza di Spello. Colfiorito: Hotel Lieta Sosta. Muccia: Hermitage Beato Rizzerio. Belforte del Chienti: B&B Il Villino. Tolentino: B&B San Nicola. Macerata: Domus San Giuliano. Loreto: Hotel San Gabriele

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Info and reservations - Useful details Degree of difficulty of hiking type Difference in altitude: + 4.020 m, - 4280 m (overall) Actual walking time: 39 hours (overall) Length: 156 km (overall) - Requirements required Have good physical preparation.

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