Today we want to remember Marco Pantani with his favorite ascent, "The climb of the Pirate". It is precisely on the Carpegna mountain that the champion prepared his victories at the great laps.
Surrounded by a cloud we rediscover the mystery and the imposing force of nature, transmitted by the peak of Mount Sibilla. To guide us with the imagination up to high altitude is the trail, the same that leads us to narrate the fairy Sibilla and the Guerin Meschino.
The snow arrives and with it the instinct to go out on the bike.
Amandola hosts the female bicyclists of Rampirosa 2018. 
Today we talk again about Marche Trail and we do it with Davide, one of the participants who wanted to see the Marche region closely and make this experience.
On October 11th at the TTG in Rimini will be presented the new Bike cluster, which is based on quality and territory: the MARCHE REBIRTH project.
The essence of the Marche enclosed in 380km routes with the bike. Passing from the sea to the mountain you will discover a thousand faces of a landscape that is unusually scenic, but united by a fascinating and sometimes mysterious ancient culture.
The bike will accompany you in the most immersive experience of Italy. The rolling hills will lead you from the sea to the mountains, the cultural and wine and food excellences will cuddle you along the way while the natural and cultural landscape is becoming an open-air museum.