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Rediscover the desire to amaze and be amazed, come to the Marche region.
Published on 3/10/2018 by Regione Marche - Outdoor Team

The bike will accompany you in the most immersive experience of Italy. The rolling hills will lead you from the sea to the mountains, the cultural and wine and food excellences will cuddle you along the way while the natural and cultural landscape is becoming an open-air museum. 

Have you ever wanted to disconnect from everyday life and recharge your batteries? It is scientifically proven that outdoor activities help to combat stress and to regain the positivity to face everyday life.

The Marche open themselves to show its heart, made of traditions, good eating, culture and the know how, a widespread heritage passed down in the centuries, in some ways uncontaminated, that can be discovered today with a stroke of the pedal. The bike is the medium chosen by many people who want to find a link with the landscape and the history, and today you can uncover the Marche with it.

The whole territory, is in fact changing, equipping itself to offer the best services to those who want to take a bicycle and live an immersive and exciting experience.

The autumn is at the doors and in this new season the experience intensifies. The territory offers the perfect landscape: the colours become warm, the grapes are ripe, the light of the sky becomes enveloping. Sport stops being fatigue and becomes taste, it becomes fragrance. Combine your MTB or e-bike with the scent of the must, freshly baked bread, cheeses with honey or jams, roasted chestnuts with the Marche wines.

A personal revival of balance and wellbeing.

At the TTG in Rimini will be presented the pilot project with the first active routes and the entire plan of investments and infrastructures that the Marche region is making for 2020. Follow us and you will discover a new world.