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The first Marche Trail, how to live the brands in total autonomy!
Published on 3/10/2018 by Regione Marche - Outdoor Team
The essence of the Marche enclosed in 380km routes with the bike. Passing from the sea to the mountain you will discover a thousand faces of a landscape that is unusually scenic, but united by a fascinating and sometimes mysterious ancient culture.

The organizer, Ivano D'orazio, XXX years has bet on himself, on a group of friends with a passion for cycling and on the Marche, a territory as beautiful as reserved. The same confidentiality, combined with respect for the places and the landscape, has allowed to keep every point almost intact, forming a secret treasure chest. The wealth of each village has allowed the development of a capillary and distributed social and business fabric, made up of many excellences that still today bring the Marche in the world. Marche Trail, kilometer after kilometer, allows you to discover the history, traditions and regional culture. But let's find out more from who started everything.

Ivano D'orazio, passionate firefighter MTB. So much work but also a lot of satisfaction. You have reached more than 150 members and as a first edition is a great result. Tell us more, what is a Trail? The trail is a cycle route, precisely by mountain bike, a gpx track shared with the participants. The departure date is common, for us on October 12th at 8.00 am at Macelli di Numana, but everyone runs through it at their own pace. There are those who do it as a challenge with themselves, on a physical and sports level, taking a few days, there are those who do it more slowly, enjoying every moment, place and landscape. The unicum is the track, shared one week in advance, and the total organization in autonomy, according to your preferences.

Why did you decide to bring this event to the Marche? The Marche are perfect for the bike and almost unknown. The sea joins the mountain through gentle hills that give ridges that leave you breathless. Only we who live them, that we ride, we know how much they can give to those who love this sport, to those who like to relax by bike. It was a bet that until today has required a lot of work and consistency, the adrenaline starts to rise because the start is almost over and we will have more than 150 people that will travel the Marche by bike. We will give a unique experience to each of them. Already a great satisfaction.

The track is the common element, fundamental for the Trail. To study it, together with Ivano, there is Fabrizio Castelli, expert of the territory and of biking. A constant work, with optimizations made km after km. What do these 390km offer? They offer a unique experience, equally if not superior to national and European trails. We have a perfect mix from the technical point of view of the route, by road and dirt road. It starts from the sea, in Numana, climbs gently towards the mountain reaching enchanting places like Sarnano, Amandola and it descends towards the sea up to Cupra Marittima, touching historic villages and villages that are pearls, like Montelupone, Tolentino, San Severino, Ascoli . 8000km of difference in height may seem like many, but tailored to suit your physical preparation can give you a unique experience. The territory is rich in history and glimpses that at this time of year give colors and unique views of its kind. In addition to the technical point of view, in fact, the track was also studied from the point of view of the landscape, an immersion in nature and history, creating a perfect union.

Waiting for the start of Marche Trail and direct testimonies of the participants, the Marche Outdoor digital channels, site and social, will keep you updated on the beautiful project of these guys. Stay in sync!