Ragnolo: from the autumn forest to the great views
Where is it
62035 San Lorenzo Al Lago MC, Italia Ore 9:30 presso Baite del Ragnolo
Date not available. Past activity
The activity will take place outdoors

An excursion far and wide on the splendid plateau of the Piani di Ragnolo at 1,500 m above sea level in the Sibillini National Park. It is a ring excursion first through the woods in their autumnal dress and rich in roe deer, where we will make a stakeout to spot them, and then go up again to the highest and most panoramic area passing through Punta del Ragnolo and Pizzo di Meta.

Adult price: € 15 Price for children: 10 €

Info and reservations Guide: Tommaso Fagiani phone: 3338358195 e-mail: tommaso@passamontagna.org

Useful details Degree of difficulty of hiking type Difference in altitude: 400 m Actual travel time: 4 hours Length: 12 km

Requirements required Be a little trained in walking.

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