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ASD Casteltrosino Superbike organizes the Montegallo Bike Tour, in collaboration with the Pro Loco Montegallo. The project aims to promote and highlight this area that was severly damaged by the multiple earthquakes of 2016. Montegallo is one of the smallest districts of the Marche region, and it rises along the slopes of the Vettore mountain. Indeed, the view from the main square of Balzo, its administrative center, shows a part of the Sibillini mountain range, from the Cima del Redentore to the Summit of the Sibilla Mountain.

The three routes (Hard, Classic and Soft) explore ancient single tracks and mule tracks that once used to connect the district. Riding along these paths, cyclists are going to reach the two highest peaks of the tour: Passo del Galluccio and the fields of Santa Maria in Pantano.

Piazza Taliani di Balzo di Montegallo is the meeting place, and registrations will open from 7 am to 9 am, while the tour will start at 9.30 am.

If cyclists are members of the Federazione Ciclistica Italiana or other organizations of the Consulta, the fee for the registration will be €15. If cyclists are not part of one of the organizations mentioned above, they are required to pay €15 for registration and €3 for daily insurance.

Facilities provided are: race packs for the first 300 cyclists, healthcare, 5 refreshment points along the route, showers and pasta party. The Regulation of the event and all the information about registrations for members and non-members can be found on the Facebook page MONTEGALLO BIKE TOUR-CICLOTURISTICA MONTEGALLO. Come and join us on August 11 in an event that will make you experience the wonders of the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini.

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