Where is it
Wbike Park - campo sportivo di Collevario - https://goo.gl/maps/8UNsJgug1g92tAWp8 Parco urbano di Collevario - via Giovanni Verga
Date not available. Past activity
The activity will take place outdoors

Approach to driving on the path: techniques and correct posture to be able to ride a mountain bike in an "active" way. The course is generally open to those who have no problem getting involved and want to acquire greater safety when riding off-road (but also on the road) of a mountain bike (but also of a generic bike: gravel, road bike).

It is not a specialized course: it is aimed at beginners or veterans who believe that it is possible to improve driving, not to go faster but to be safer and take advantage of it in terms of contentment and less physical-psychological stress, both downhill and uphill .

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