7^ Cicloturistica di Cabernardi
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The Cabernardi cycling tourism was founded in 2012 by the amateur sports association AVIS Sassoferrato in collaboration with the Palio Association of the Cabernardi Mine to promote the territory and mountain biking. The event is the third stage of the MTB Tour - Umbrian Apennines 2019 that involves 5 cycling associations and takes place in the following locations: Spello 28 April, Sigillo 12 May, Sassoferrato on 4 August, Fabriano 22 September and Trevi 13 October. The events involve around 150 to 400 people individually. The excursions are reserved for mountain biking, in each event there are at least two routes, with two different levels of difficulty, one more challenging on average 30/40 km and 1000/1500 m in altitude and another easier 16 / 20km and 400/600 m in altitude.
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